Hairy Shrimp in Lembeh Strait, North Sulawesi
The Hairy Shrimp (phycocaris simulans) is also called Algae Shrimp and one of the freakiest shrimps around here in Lembeh Strait. Basicly it looks like a tiny piece of Algae – a very tiny piece. They grow up to 5 mm in size (often smaller) and sit in between Algae or on rocks and rubble or in between tunicates and ascidians. They can be white, brown, red, yellow or even sometimes greenish and perfect their camouflage with their hairy outgrowth. The tail of the Hairy Shrimp stands high up and gives him a swan-like profile. The Hairy shrimp usually stays in the same area … they can swim, but normally just move their body right an left with the surge. If you have sharp eyes (or a good macro lens) you can often see eggs attached to the belly of the shrimp. Another cool feature of the Hairy Shrimp are the ray-like lines around its eye, that make it look like a sun.
Best place to see Hairy Shrimps in Lembeh Strait: Virtually on all divesites – coral or muck. But you have to look well;)
Photo Tips: Don’t even Try anything less than 1,5:1 – basicly you need a Macrolens (better a 100mm than a 60mm) with a strong diopter or a tele or even both.