The Bullocks Hypselodoris (Hypselodoris bullocki)is a Dorid Nudibranch from the group of the Chromodoridae. It is a relatively big nudibranch an can grow up to 7 cm in size. Characteristic is its pink to purple colouration with a thin white margin around the body and an poppy yellow rhinophores and gills. But there are also colour variations in which the bullocki can be white with red gills and rhinophores. The Hypselodoris bullocki produces a yellow egg mass ribbon, prefers a mucky rubble substrate and is usually found in around 15-25 meters depth.
Best places to find Hypselodoris bullocki in Lembeh: Pintu Colada 1, Pintu Colada 2, Nudi Falls, Bianca, Police Pier, Pulau Abadi
Photo Tips: Best lens to use is a 60mm Macro. They often hang out in numbers in one area – watch out for individuals on little sponges or rubble pieces: they are easier to isolate from the background. And: Come back for a second dive – you’ll often find them in other positions and might get a better shot.