Lembeh Strait is the Mekka for rare Critters – but even here, there are some creatures, that are even rarer than other ones. Like the Mototi Octopus (Poison occelate Octopus, Octopus mototi). This rather small Octopus can be easily identified by its two blue Rings (one on each side) that it displays when excited or threatened. The normal colouration is brown/beige and in addition to the spots it can also show a white-yellow/brown stripe pattern. The Mototi Octopus is usually found in Black Sand and preferrs to stay in places where it can hide: Shells, Cans, Bottles, Sponges etc.
The Mototi Octopus is poisonous and can have the size of a Blue Ringed Octopus or also grow to a Body size of 10cm.
Best place to find Mototi Octopus in Lembeh: Muck Dives like TK Bay, Hairbal, Jahir, Pante Parigi and others.
Photo Tips: Best lens to use is a 60 or 100mm Macro Lens (specially if it is a smaller Mototi). Stick with the Octopus for a while and see how it reacts to the Camera. Often it will start to display its blue rings after a while and raise his front tentacles.