The Tozeuma Shrimp or Sawblade Shrimp is another cool Critter commonly found in the Lembeh Strait. The more attractive one is the Banded Tozeuma Shrimp (tozeuma armatum) which has a beautiful stripe pattern and lives on whip coral and in black coral bushes. It matches the colour of the host. They are sometimes found alone sometimes in groups of up to 5 or more. Depth is usually 15 meters or deeper.
The other type and the more common one is the Ocellated Tozeuma (tozeuma lanceolatum) which can be easily identified by its 2 Eye spots on the side. It can be red, orange, green, yellow or brown and is found in between sponges or algae – usually in 10 meters or deeper.
Both types have a very distictive shape and are suited to be photographed from the side. Ideal lens would be a 60mm (due to the lenght of the shrimp).
Both of them can found found pretty much everywhere in the Lembeh Strait – permitting you have the right dive guide ;)