Dragon Shrimp on Black Coral
On yesterday’s morning dives i came across this beautiful shrimp: A Dragon Shrimp (Miropandalus hardingi). It’s a 2cm long shrimp that lives on black corals and has a green-yellow colouration. Even though it looks a little bit like the more common whip coral shrimps dasycaris zansibarica (on spine) and Pontonides ankeri (no spines) this shrimp has 3 big and long spines on its back that give him its dragon like look. I spend a good 15 minutes photographing this little shrimp while not paying attention to the frenetic tank banging sounds in the background – after the dive it turned out, that i missed a blue ringed octopus and a harlequin shrimp that our guide Stenly had found in the meantime ;)

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Kai Squires · April 2, 2012 at 4:03 pm

Wow, looks amazing. Worth the 15 minutes.

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