We had a fantastic morning today again with two beautiful dives here in Lembeh Strait – with a lot of things to see. Like for example Clown Frogfish, Ghostpipefishes in two colours, Ribbon Eels, Painted Frogfish, cool Nudibranchs, Gobies and Porcelain Crabs in Soft Corals and many other things. But my personal highlight was the “Double Eggs” Sighting – a Peacock mantis Shrimp and a Jawfish both carrying eggs!
The peacock Mantis holds the egg mass with her swimming legs for the whole incubation period and also does not feed in that time. The Eggs are Bright red in the beginning and get darker when it gets towards hatching. The Jawfish keeps the eggs in its mouth and (obviously) also does not feed while incubation. We can’t wait to go back an watch the eggs develop … and of course we want to be there when the little jawfishes hatch 😉