Frogfish – check, Mimic Octopus – check, Harlequin Shrimp – check: People visiting Lembeh are often so overwhelmed by the abundance of critters their dive guide shows them, that they forget to pay attention to the “ground noise” in between. There are a whole lot of cool photo subjects outside of the common “critter bucket lists”. For Example a huge variety of different gobies. These little fish come in various shapes and colours and can actually turn into a proper obsession for the seasoned or interested UW Enthusiast. And the best thing: Gobies can keep you going for a while … while there are many Gobies that are very easy to find there are also rarer or more skittish species. So if you are planning to focus on Gobies – you’ll be busy for a while 😉

Here is a little Gallery (that is far from complete) with some of the common Gobies of Lembeh mixed with some of the rather “special” ones.