Lots of great things happening at NAD right now. The camera room is being extended, and should double the current space available. Work on the new extended jetty is in progress. No more climbing up and down at low tide, as the new extensions are on floats and the boats are always at the same level as the jetty. Excavation for the new compressor room has begun, and a new compressor is on the way. Oxygen up to 100% is now available for rebreather support as well.

There must be something about September and hairy frogfish because on this day last year, on my very first dive in Lembeh, we saw a hairy frogfish and a Lembeh frogfish (aka shaggy frogfish.) One year later we were lucky enough to see exactly the same thing on our second dive today. And NAD’s newest dive guide Rockless found us a nice little blue-ringed octopus this afternoon! I left my 5DMkIII on the boat this afternoon and gave Simon’s Olympus OMD-EM5 a try. Very impressive little camera! This shot of the blue-ringed octopus was taken with the Oly. Photographer Martin Steinmeier is currently passing through on his way to Raja Ampat, and was kind enough to share one of his hairy shrimp photos from this morning.