Nudibranches on NAD Lembeh Housereef, North Sulawesi, Indonesia
Today 5 People of our NAD Dive Team went for an afternoon Housereef Dive … Paulus, Joni, Marnes, Linda and me – Serge. Our Mission: Find cool Critters on NAD Lembeh Housereef! I lost them pretty much in the beginning of the dive when we reached the little rubble coral patch i found 2 days ago.
So they went on and found some Lembeh Sea Dragons and a Wonderpus and some other things while i stayed at my favourite little new habitat. Within 5 square meters i found about 30 Slugs and Nudibranches! Amongst them: Psychedelic Batwing Slung (sagaminopteron psychedelicum / top left), Shaggy Aegires (Aegires villosus / top right), Sinuate Ceratosoma (ceratosoma sinuatum / bottom right) and a cool, very well camouflaged slug that stays on sponges (bottom left / unidentified). Really, really cool stuff – the only problem is, that they are all WELL under one cm in size 😉