Even though we have “Low Season” there is still a lot going on our Housereef … here is a little Update on the Critters we are seeing right off the Beach these days:
Our little colony of Lembeh Sea Dragons is spreading from Banggai (our older Wreck) to our newer Wreck – there are now 5 Lembeh Sea Dragons on the new Wreck. Around the Wreck (aroun 7 Meters depth) you can find a small Population of Twin Spot Gobies. If you then swim from the Wreck and keep the Slope on your right shoulder you reach a little Rubble area where we have seen a nice Wonderpus Octopus and Bobtail Squids recently. Skeleton Shrimps are also very common around the wrecks.
Every now and then we see a juvenile Sailfin Snapper on the housereef (usually in the area between the wrecks) which is a VERY beautiful fish … the threadlike fins will grow shorter once the fish turns adult.
Everywhere on the Slope you will find little brown sponges with a lot of spoge carrying crabs that camouflage themselfes with pieces of sponges that they cut out and hold on their bodies. Some sponges also have Paaron Shrimps on them.
The deeper Rubble area under Banggai still offers good nudi life including well camouflaged Sponge Slugs and the beautiful Ceratosoma Sinuata. Also several Chromodoris, Halgerdas and other cool nudibranchs are around.
In the Corals in the shallows you can find the “Hairy Coral Goby”, Orange Spearing Mantis, Mandarin Fish, Squids & big Shrimps (at night) as well as a Double Ended Pipefish in the seagrass.
… of course there are also many other things to see – and sure we did not find all of them yet. But maybe you want to find the next cool thing on NAD Lembeh Housereef?