Diving the Lembeh Strait is a unique experience for all critter lovers. And it is even more productive at night. Lembeh Night Dives seem like the whole critter density of the day combined into one dive. And even knowing that since years: It suprises each time again after having being “night dive lazy” for a while 😉
A very good example was yesterday’s night dive. We went up to a northern muck dive site and had the joy of all the usual suspects on Lembeh Night Dives combined with some cool critters from the day: Several Bobbit Worms reaching out for prey in the water column, Stargazers watching out for fish coming by, numerous Octopus venturing on the sandy flat and juvenile Frogfish as well as a juvenile Spanish Dancer, Tiger Shrimps, Squids, Cuttlefish, big Pleurobranchs with Emperor Shrimps and many other Nudis, Crustaceans, Seahorses and so much more that it is impossible to remember without checking the memory card. A real camera battery killer dive.
Besides the classig Muck Dives (like Jahir, Aer Prang or TK) Lembeh Night Dives are also great on reef dives like Nudi Falls, Makawide or Nudi Retreat. Or try one of our Black Water Night dives and watch weird Plankton and other stuff being attracted by the lights.

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justdew · November 24, 2017 at 8:10 pm

The main reason I love night diving is for the adventure, you don’t know what it may happen or what you may found below the water surface. In the past years I’ve taken a lot of pictures of the marine life which I store on https://dive.site along with all my diving logs. It’s cool that I can also search new dive spots or even add my own.

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