On one of last week’s morning dives we went to the southern end of the Lembeh Strait to check out some divesites that haven’t  been visited for a while. The first dive we did at Wangurer – a black sand muck dive on the very southern mainland side of the strait. Basicly it is a very big shallow sandy flat with about 3-5 meters depth and a slope going down to about 20m … so a very relaxed dive. What was waiting for us  was an amazing scenery: All the sand was covered with lush green algae and inhabited by millions of sanddivers. But the topping on this beautiful ground noise was a unusually high number of seahorses inhabiting these green gardens. From juvenile to adult and from black to yellow. The other nice thing besides these beautiful colours is that the rainy season seems to have stopped (or paused) as it has been dry now for several days and we have nice sunny weather.