Mating Notodoris with Goby and parasite
On a recent dive this week we went to Pulau Putus on the northern end of the Lembeh Strait – a dive around a little island that offers spectacular hard corals, a wall and very good critter life. This is also where we found these mating Notodoris minor. As they are not the most common nudibranch i was already excited enough to see two of them together. But the topping on the ice was the little goby with a parasite sitting on the left one of them. So i had a good lough first and then took some shots (without disturbing the 3 of them … 4 actually if you count the parasite).
Notodoris are a rather big growing nudibranch that can reach 10 cm in size. They lay yellow eggs and are day active. They are usually seen on coral dive sites rather than on muck sites.