Nudibranchs possess a unique feeding adaptation known as the radula, a specialised organ found within their mouths. The radula is a ribbon-like structure lined with rows of tiny, backward-curving teeth made of chitin, a hard proteinaceous material.

The radula serves as a versatile tool for nudibranchs to feed on a wide range of food sources. Depending on the species, they may use their radula to scrape algae, graze on hydroids, small invertebrates, or even prey upon other nudibranchs. The shape, size, and arrangement of the teeth on the radula can vary between species, reflecting their specific dietary preferences and feeding strategies.

With their radulae, nudibranchs employ a scraping and rasping action to extract food from various surfaces. They can extend and retract the radula while moving along substrates, efficiently removing edible matter and ingesting it.

This Goniobranchus had taken quite an elevated route amongst some Halimeda algae, enabling me to get a nice clear view of its radula below.

Why Dive With NAD-Lembeh Resort?


NAD-Lembeh Resort is a small, owner-operated, photography-oriented dive resort in the Lembeh Strait. We are situated in a private bay on Lembeh Island, away from the hustle and bustle of the mainland. We guarantee a 2:1 guest to guide ratio as standard, which makes for a private dive experience and lots of time to take pictures.


All our rooms (10 Beachfront Rooms, 5 Seaview Bungalows) offer ocean view, air conditioning, hot water, wifi, including full board. Our resort has only few steps, which makes our layout extremely convenient to get from your room to the restaurant, camera room, bar and floating jetty.


Our dive team consists of 15 full-time guides, with over 100 years of combined experience! Air as well as Nitrox and various cylinder sizes (both DIN and Yoke are available onsite).


NAD-Lembeh has 4 large, purpose-built dive boats. Each at around 15m long, they offer lots of space and comfort for the divers. Boats feature onboard toilets, towels, drinks and snacks and first aid/ oxygen.

Our jetty allows our guests dignified and quick boat entries – all our dive boats can be moored simultaneously, so there is no wading through the shallows to get on the boat for the dive!


Our focus at NAD is to take your underwater photography to the next level. We offer 1:1 photo classes and our guides are all proficient with photography, using our rental equipment for fun dives when not diving with guests.

We shoot video up to 8K, along with Nikon/ Canon SLR and mirrorless setups. This gives us a rounded knowledge of all cameras. We are also the go-to location for natural history filming in the Straits.


Our newly renovated, huge camera room offers one work space for each and every guest. The spacious, individual benches with lots of power points were purposely built for underwater photographers. NAD’s dedicated camera room is also the perfect place to work on and edit your pictures.

Several rental cameras and strobes are available onsite. We have basic tools and spare parts in our gift shop in case of minor camera problems as well as a drying cabinet, and computer for you to work on and edit your photos.