When spending a lot of time with teleconverters and diopters doing Super Macro Photography in Lembeh Strait, you tend to pay less attention to “big” critters like Frogfish, Octopus and Scorpionfishes and start to open your eyes for the rather microscopic types of critters. Like Hairy Shrimp, tiny nudibranchs and more. And for exemple also for tiny flatworms. Like their bigger brothers, these flatworms have a very simple body but can still be attractive photo subjects. They are maximum the size of hole that a hole puncher makes in paper and they can be found in different habitats: On Hard Corals, leather corals, on mushroom corals, on bubble corals and on ascidians (sea squirts). Here is a little selection of 3 mini flatworms, that we commonly see in Lembeh.