It’s not a secret but it can’t be said often enough: Night Dives at Nudi Falls are just fantastic! Just as yesterday, when we went there with 3 Guests and 2 Guides. We saw loads of different crustaceans, slugs, flatworms, nudibranchs, Squids, Cuttlefish and of course also fishes. For exemple 2 big Tigershrimps with black-blue eyes (normally the eyes are rather orange), a very uncommon Janolus Nudibranch, several species of cuttlefish (Crinoid Cuttlefish, Banda Cuttlefish, Broadclub Cuttlefish), Bobtail Squids, Reef Squid, Soft Coral Cowries and so many other things, that it is impossible to remember them all.

About Nudi Falls: Nudi Falls in a Dive Site in the middle of the Lembeh Strait that is located on the mainland side. It is a combination of  a wall, rocky coral areas, sand, rubble and a beautiful rubble / soft coral field. It is always a good dive – it just has to be timed well with the current. Critters that can be found at Nudi Falls: Blue Ringed Octopus, Wonderpus, Hairy Octopus, Shaggy Octopus, Flamboyant Cuttlefish, various other Cuttlefishes, Pygmy Seahorse (Bargibanti / Pontohi), Seahorse, various Ghostpipe Fishes, Frogfish, Pegasus, Lembeh Seadragon, millions of Nudibranchs, Flatworms, Cowries and crustaceans, Tiger Shrimps, Harlequin Shrimps, many Gobies and and and. It is a definite MUST DIVE, when you come to Lembeh – specially at Night.