Lesser Janolus Nudibranch in Lembeh
We are having a fantastic week of Muck and Coral diving here in Lembeh at the moment: Many cool Critters like Blue Ringed and hairy Octopus, rare Frogfishes and Ghost Pipefishes … but also a big variety of Nudibranchs these days. The Lesser Janolus in the Picture is just one of them. Some others, that i remember from this week are: A very cool Sagminopteron psychedelicum, Solar Powered Nudis in different variations, several Melibe Nudibranchs (with Shrimps on them), Magical Hypselodoris, Hypselodoris Kanga, Hypselodoris Infucata, Hypselodoris Bullocki, Hypselodoris Bollandi, Glossodoris Astromarginata, Glossodoris Cincta, Glossodoris Rufomarginata, Chromodoris Tinctoria, Chromodoris Sinensis, Chromodoris Preciosa, Chromodoris Kunei, Chromodoris Hintantuensis, Chromodoris Fidelis, Chromodoris Geometrica, Chromodoris Dianae, Chromodoris Aureopurpurea, Chromodoris Annae, Loads of different Ceratosomas & Mexichromis and many many more. Good diving for Nudi Lovers here in Lembeh!

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Jalil Mohd Razali · November 25, 2011 at 12:29 pm

Jackpot! We’ll be there tomorrow 🙂

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