Pipefish Couples on NAD Lembeh Housereef
The housereef at NAD-Lembeh Resort is very popular – specially for a late afternoon dive to jump in quickly after coming back with the PM boat. People usually jump in then around 7 PM to see the courting of the Lembeh Seadragons, the Twin Spot Gobies (before it gets dark) and then some bobtailsquids and other cool critters after sunset. On the way back to the beach the people then pass the seagrass in the shallows – and this is where these pipefishes can be observed. They are a very common type of pipefish here in Lembeh and can be seen virtualy anywhere. But in the evening hours the couples tend to “sleep” together on the seagrass leaves. There is some bent leaves that make very good photosubjects as it is very easy to get the two pipefish at an good angle. And the best thing is: There are so many of these couples, that you can cannot miss them.