Today, I was out diving with Paulus shooting super macro critters. It was a lovely dive, with lots of shrimps and crabs to shoot. As we moved shallower for our safety stop, Paulus made his famous grunt, motioned me over and pointed to this gorgeous little fella climbing up the tunicate. I got super excited as this is my first time seeing it!

The Psychedelic Sagaminopteron was given its name due to the gorgeous patterns and colors on its body. Not a nudibranch per se, it is from the Family Gastropteridae. They grow to about 2cm, but this one was about 5mm. Not sure how Paulus saw it from hovering 2 feet above the tunicate! Eagle-eye Paulus!

Back on the boat, I just had to show Simon what we found 🙂 You see, one of the few things Simon has always wanted to see in Lembeh is this Psychedelic Batwing slug. He was on that dive too – but he was teaching a Photo Class and had taken a different route to us on the divesite.Maybe next time Simon!

Psychadelic Batwing SLug

Psychadelic Batwing Slug