Pygmy Squid eats Shrimp in Lembeh Straight
On today’s second morning dive at Jahir 2 we went looking for the Hairy Frogfish (which Abner found). While everyone took pictures of the Frogfish that was posing nicely at 7 meters depth, i stayed a little deeper looking for small things. At around 15 meters depth i found this little Pygmy Squid hiding in a piece of Halimeda Algae. This little guy is about the size of a Rice Grain – so the perfect subject for the 100mm Macro with the +10 Subsee Diopter. After i took some shots of it i suddenly saw it shooting forward and coming back to the algae. As i was watching this through the viewfinder i did not realize straight away what happened. Only after refocussing i could see the little shrimp moving struggling to escape the Pygmy Squids tentacles. A fantastic experience to witness predation of such a tiny animal – tiny but as action loaded than a feeding shark (well … almost).