sea snake eating moray

On todays second morning dive at Nudi Falls i was shooting Damselfishes and Anthias over a shallow reef during my safety stop. The water was clear enough and a mild current made the fishes line up nicely. At some point i saw a strange movement in the corner of my eye. When i turned my head i saw the tail of a sea snake disappearing in a little crevice. Even inside the crevice it was still moving in a very unusual way. When i came closer i saw that it was feeding on something – the tail of something, that i believe of is a moray eel, was still sticking out of its mouth. 

From the moment of the catch to this moment maybe 5-10 seconds have passed. But the moray eel – even almost the size of the snake – did not move at all anymore. This clearly shows how effective and strong the poison of the sea snake must be. It killed the prey within seconds. Unluckily the snake stayed for the whole feeding process in the little crevice, which made it almost impossible to take pictures.