Now it’s Christmas and another year at NAD-Lembeh is about to end. I don’t do calendars – but i still want to post some of my favourite images of 2014. And because it is not a calendar i took the freedom to choose 3 photos per month and make a little “36 Images Film Roll”. So here are some of my best photos of the year, some things i have seen for the first time and some moments that were very special to me. Even though i have been in Lembeh since 2009 this place still proves me wrong every time i think i have seen everything here. This years Highlights were the Melibe Colemani (a dream of mine since years), two Hairy Octopus together, some new Gobies (like the Bryozoan, the lined Dartfish and the Pocong Goby), the Xenia Coral Pipefish and a lot of other things.
Enjoy watching and hopefully see you in Lembeh soon. Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year.