The year is about to come to an end and – like last year – i want to post an album with my favourite moments, critters and photos of the last 12 months. The one big thing to mention about Lembeh 2015 is the extremely good high season we had. The cold water period started early and lasted for about 4 months until the water temperatures went up again. This resulted in a very good year for Nudibranchs, more mating cycles than usual with many other critters (Hairy Frogfish 4 times!) and very, very good diving in general. But like always in Lembeh there was also a lot of cool stuff outside of the classic high season and we had several Rhinopias, a good number of Hairy Octopus sightings and a high critter density throughout the year.
Firsts for this year were the Filamented Rhinopias (Rhinopias filamentosus or Hipposcorpaena filamentosa), the Tuberculated Frogfish (which we saw 3 of), the Braun’s Pughead Pipefish (which we can constantly find now), some new Nudibranchs and we started doing Black Water Night Dives and saw a lot of cool stuff on those. Oh … and Bella did her first dives 😉
All photos were taken with a Canon EOS 7D Mark2 in a Nauticam housing.