TarsiusThis morning we had a very uncommon “check in” at our Resort: While our Girls were making the rooms after the guests had left for diving they found this little guy jumping around in Room 5. We had a big group arriving yesterday and the morning staff had not met all of them before – but they still were pretty sure that this was not the german guest that normally should be staying in that room. And it also did not react when the girls called him “Mr. Markus”. After several attempts of our room girls explaining to this little fella that he must be in the wrong room the real “Mr. Markus” came out of the bathroom (not diving due to a bad ear) just in time to witness two of our room girls jumping around in his room and trying to catch the little primate. After this artistic performance we brought the little Tarsius into the forest in a laundry basket (sorry for not coming up with something more appropriate but that’s all that was around). We then showed him a big tree in the forest and asked him one more time if he maybe would accept to change into another room (because Mr. Markus really wanted to stay in Room 5). He seemed very pleased with the offered alternative and quickly disappeared into a hole in the tree.

Even though we rarely have this close visits of Tarsiers in our resort we can hear them every evening around sunset time and in the early morning. Plus we offer half day trips to the Tangkoko National Park were the interested Nature Freak can see the Tarsiers, the Black Makaks, the Couscous, the Hornbill Bird and many other cool “land critters”.