One of the lesser known and more rarely seen families of fishes are the bandfish. These elongated, snaky looking creatures are relatively big and usually found quite deep – down to about 500m. But some species of bandfish can be found in shallower areas. For example the Yellow-Spotted Bandfish (Acanthocepola abreviata) which we see on some spots here in Lembeh Strait. This fish loves very silty sand. Compared to other Bandfish – which can grow up to 50cm – this species is with 20 cm relatively small. But still a “big” animal in Lembeh. They have burrows on very muddy and silty substrate and therefor are not usually found on frequently dived spots. We find them by swimming off dive sites to look for them at very silty locations . The Bandfish “stands” hovering over its burrow and feeds on plankton drifting by. Due to its swimming position its best shot in portrait (vertical) format … also it is relatively shy – a little bit like a Goby. So a longer lens can be useful. These are shot with a 100mm Macro on a APS-C sensor. Another thing: For shooting Bandfish good buoyancy is essential. The very fine substrate is easily stirred up and settles down very slowly. So be careful 😉