One of Lembeh’s hardest to find Critters – the Hairy Octopus.  I don’t know how we’ve managed this over the last few weeks, but we have seen so many of these guys that even we all managed to go see them.  I went and shot some 5k video, Serge and Zee went to shoot still pictures – so expect another post about these beautiful, hairy little guys soon (The Octopus, not Serge).  These small Cephalopods must spend almost their entire life under the coral rubble feeding out of view of us pesky divers, only to come out once a year, seemingly to mate… Then die, with all the activity that we can see in just a few weeks.

It’s hard to predict the season, but if you want to see one this year, you need to be on your way already.  For next year, I’d say between October and January (we used to say Nov/Dec).  They are super cool to watch jumping around the rubble with their pulsating skin pattern. I hope the video below goes someway to show how cool these little guys are: