Like the magnificent Shrimp Goby or the Purple Fire Goby, the Lined Dartfish is one of the spectacular Goby species to be seen in Lembeh Strait that usually are found “a bit deeper”. And while the first two can be seen already from 25 meters downwards you are more or less lucky if you see a Lined Dartfish shallower than 35m. This is one of the reasons why we have full Rebreather and Tech support at NAD-Lembeh. Even though it is mainly “Macro Diving” 😉
When our Guide Johan found two Lined Dartfishes recently at only 31 meters we went back the next day with rebreathers to shoot them again … and we were suprised to find more and more of them the deeper we went. Several in between 35 and 40 meters and virtually dozens of them from 40m downwards.They grow to about 10cm in size and hover about 20-40 centimeters over the ground and dart back in the sand if not approached carefully. They have a strikingly beautiful colouration with orange and blue lines and beautifully coloured fins. Another nice feature are its long pectoral fins that it sometimes moves independantly.

Ptereleotris grammica

The Lined Dartfish usually stays very deep …

So if you wanted to see a Lined Dartfish or another deep living species when diving with us you have two three choices:
1. Normal diving NoStop dives on Air or a bit longer NDL on Nitrox (but limited to 32 m)
2. Tech Dives with the  possibility to use different gases including Trimix and high O2 Deco Gases (You need to be certified for this though)
3. Rebreather diving our rental Poseidon units to 40m or with your own Rebreather using our Scrubber and gases. (You also need to be certified or get certified with us)