Brown Grass Shrimp
Like most people here in Lembeh Strait, we really like shrimps. And one popular shrimp here is the Leander plumosus, which – due to its protuding nose – is also called the Donald Duck Shrimp. But there is also a close – more unknown – relative of the Donald Duck Shrimp … the Brown Grass Shrimp (Leander tenuicornis). Its nose is not as prominent, but still an obvious feature of this 3cm long shrimp. It lives in Sandy bottoms with seagrass and i found this one here in a piece of sargassum weed laying on  the sandy bottom. When turned over the piece of seaweed for inspection the shimp jumped out. After i photographed it, it immediately returned into the seaweed and took shelter. It is maybe not the most colourful and extraordinary shrimp, but still a beautiful shrimp – to find it just keep checking debris and brown pieces of seagrass and seaweed on sandy bottoms.