untitled-293As many of you may know, I am here at NAD Lembeh conducting an underwater photo workshop for the Underwater Tribe.  Some of you may also know that I used to work at NAD back from 2008-2010 before taking my leave to work on the Damai liveaboards for a few years before basing myself in Bali where I have co-founded the Underwater Tribe. 

This is my first trip back to NAD since early 2009 and all I can say is WOW, the changes at the resort are incredible!  Since my last visit to the resort Simon, Zee, and the NAD staff have built 2 new bungalows, partitioned all of the 10 regular rooms downstairs, added great new doors on those 10 rooms in order to get rid of the old sliding glass doors, completely redesigned the restaurant with a nice new tile floor and great new furniture throughout the resort  (although I kinda liked those old heavy chairs haha).

All of the old thatch roofs have been replaced with metal roofing so the dust is no longer, and of course the dive boats.  The dive boats are now all outfitted with toilets, there are 2 brand new boats, and the biggest difference is in the engines.  The old 2 stroke Yamaha 40hp engines have been replaced with clean and FAST 90 hp Suzuki 4 stroke engines.  The travel times to the dive sites and the quiet and non smelly engines are truly an amazing upgrade from the smoky 40hp 2 strokes that you see on other Lembeh boats. 

However, the biggest difference that I have noticed is the huge upstairs lounge that is found above the restaurant.  This open deck lounge/bar area with lots of comfortable seating, a big screen TV, a projector, and computers for guest use is a relaxing place to sit after a long day of diving and is a perfect place for us to conduct the workshop.

Of course not everything has changed though, the staff are friendlier than ever, with fantastic food, and dive guides who seem to be able to conjure critters from nowhere.  There is even a new staff member, 2 year old Bella who is a bundle of energy and loves to say hello to everyone.

After arriving a few days ago it only took me a few minutes to feel like I was right back at home.  If you haven’t been to NAD for a while then please contact them and come on down, I am sure you will be as impressed with the changes as I am.

Mike Veitch