We just took a very short family break to Disney Hong Kong for a few days, and when we arrived yesterday we were met by a bunch of friends from Reef Photo Video in the US, and a whole bunch of shipping that arrived in our absence.

Obviously shipping things around in Indonesia is time consuming, and also expensive outside of the road network in Sumatra, Java and Bali.  Anyway, here are some new toys for the staff and guests:

Two Poseidon mkIV's in Lembeh

Two Poseidon mkIV’s in Lembeh

We have added 2 Poseidon Mk6’s to our inventory, if you  have your own unit and want to dive ours, bring your logbook and your battery… and off you go! We have Sorb, Cylinders and Oxygen for those who wish to bring your own toys.

If you’d like to do a course with us, we’ll be starting that in November (I go to Tonga and Fiji for Big animals in October).

Next up we have a Toy for both the staff and the guests:

New Generating Set

We got another genset, all our generators are ‘new’ at less than 3 years old, and we now have a ‘spare!’  We pump out 220v power with Stamford electrical dynamo’s on all our gensets, These are super high quality so we are assured of stable power.

Lastly, a new compressor for everyone to enjoy.  Having more backups is always a good ting when you live on an island!

L&W Compressor in Lembeh

L&W Compressor in Lembeh

L&W Compressors are made in Germany, and will hopefully provide us years of service.  We now have 3 high pressure compressors, a Nitrox Membrane System and  Oxygen Booster Pumps on site.