It has been a crazy few months for us recently.  Obviously, we’ve had the busy season with lots of amazing critters – but we have also been doing some studying.  Simon had studied the rEvo IANTD course over the summer, but has now added his Poseidon MK6  SSI Instructor certs.  So, we can now offer to teach you rebreathers as well as offering rebreather support to those of you who already have units. A little on the Poseidon MK6 here, the MK6 is a very capable rebreather.  Ideal for the underwater photographer as it has a very simple, easy to understand interface with audible, tactile and visual alarms.  It’s boot up procedure has pretty much fool-proof safety checks, so in the morning you will need to add about 10mins to your prep time if you have assembled the unit the night before.  There are also a lot of MK6’s available for rental all over the world, so being certified without actually owning one is now a realistic possibility.  It can also be mounted to your existing BCD, so if you’re not keen on a backplate you can try it on your own BCD.

Lots of Rebreather toys at NAD

Lots of toys at NAD this week!

Zee has also finished her IANTD Advanced Recreational Trimix CCR diver on the Evolution+, expanding her knowledge and pushing herself with a more complicated course than the MK6 was enjoyable and she can now dive to the depth with a clear head on some of our freshly blended trimix. We now have lots of rebreather cylinders onsite, and also Poseidon MK6’s, AP Evolution+ and rEvo Micro.


Rebreather Awesomeness in Lembeh

Rebreather Awesomeness in Lembeh.  Congratulations to Zee and Christian.


We are also doing a promo on the SSI Poseidon MK6 Course, this is a 7Night package and will include 6 days of diving on the MKIV – obviously the first few days of this period are for training, then the remaining days are spent building experience on the unit.  $2500USD per person includes airport pickup, accommodation, meals and diving (based on twin sharing).  On the rebreather side of things it includes  the SSI recreational rebreather diver course and deep speciality (allowing you to head down to 40m),   Unit rental, diluent fills, Stage Cylinder for the deep course and subsequent dives and one set of full oxygen cylinders per day.  It does not include Sodasorb cartridges or stage regulator rental (you should bring your own regulator, but renting one of ours will be a much neater configuration).




First SSI Rebreather courses in Indonesia

First SSI Recreational Rebreather courses in Indonesia


 A special thanks to Marc Crane for his Instruction and good humour.