The main thing people come to Lembeh for is diving. And diving in Lembeh Strait does not only mean beeing in the water but more finding cool stuff, rare stuff, freaky stuff you don’t get to see in other places. This is why we put a lot of effort in having a   top notch dive team here at NAD Lembeh. Right now our team consists of 9 People.

Paulus (see picture) is our Dive Guide Supervisor and mentor of many dive Guides here in Lembeh Strait. His Dive Log is in the 5 digit numbers and he has learned guiding from Larry Smith in 1996 and passes on his knowledge to our other dive guides. He knows all the critters and we are very proud to have him here.
Our other Guides are Joni (Senior Guide), Indra (Senior Guide), Stenley (Senior Guide), Johan (Senior Guide / on a temporary leave), Aso, Marnez and Abner. An then there is Serge, the Dive Manager that also comes along on the dives to co-guide and take pictures for this Blog. And on very rare occasions you can even see Simon going diving with his camera or teaching photo classes.