Even though it is not a Muck Dive Angel’s Window is one of Lembeh’s Signature Divesites.

This beautiful Pinnacle Dive is the favourite Dive Spot of many of our Return Guests and situated on the northern island side of the strait. It is named after its distinctive Swim Trough Cave from which divers can look up through a second opening. The Cave, the Pinnacle and its surrounding are covered with Seafans and Soft Corals and give the dive site a very special scenery. On a day with good visibility even a terrific dive without special critters … but of course there are Critters – more than enough 😉
Alone 4 (!) different species of Pygmy Seahorses can be found here (Bargibanti, Denise, Pontohi and Severnsi). The Soft Corals can be searched for Candy Crabs, Ornate Ghostpipe Fishes are usual suspects and lots of different Nudibranchs are crawling around on the pinnacle. Boxer Crabs, Tiger Shrimps, Harlequin Shrimps or the Little Green Shrimp, Xeno Crab … Angel’s Window is always good to look for special Crustaceans. Blueringed Octopus, Hairy Octopus and Wonderpus can be observed here as well. For Goby Lovers this is a pure Treasure Chamber … The deeper sand slope and the reef crevices on the rock itself offer some very special gobies like the Magnificent Shrimpgoby, various Dartfishes, Firegobies, Priolepsis species and many more. Even Rhinopias and Mola Mola have been seen here before. 

With its exposed position on the northers side of the strait this spot is unfortunately often subject to surge. At times down to 30 meters. So Angel’s Window can only be dived when it is relatively flat and no waves are coming in from the north. The use of NITROX is highly recommended.

On Angel’s Window basicly any lens can be used – from Super Macro to Wideangle.