Many of you will know Jon from his multiple visits to NAD, and he and his talented photographer wife Sakae have been one of the first to come and visit us after COVID, please find below a short ‘Lembeh Report’ and some lovely photos.

The Singapore Airlines / Scoot combo is smooth and your baggage allowances from your Singapore ticket are honoured by Scoot, so it seems to be the same as the old Silkair connection without an included meal (business tickets on SQ will get a small meal/drink according to Jon). When you arrive in Manado, there are the passport controls and customs checks. Jon noted there was quite a bottleneck at the table to check your paperwork, so it’s still worth sitting at the front and getting out of the plane as quickly as possible.

His general feedback about the travel to and from Indonesia is that it’s basically not a hassle and the almost the same as it was pre-covid, being US based he had to get a COVID test at the newly refreshed Manado Airport before he went home, and that was very quick, cheap and simple to do.

Obviously around NAD things are quiet with so few guests, but Jon was happy to see lots of familiar faces in the crew, and has already booked two more stays later in the year! They dived with Kelo, Johan, Risman, Oksin and Stenli during their stay. Some flu was going around, but no one had COVID!

Thank you to Jon and Sakae for the photos and the feedback!

If you’ve stayed with us recently and would like to help us with a small gallery of your photos we would be very grateful, please let us know if you can help.