It’s now almost two years that we have a Floating Jetty at our Resort. This custom made wooden deck offers enough space for our 4 dive boats. They can be boarded at a comfortable level at any time, no matter if high tide or low tide. Getting on and off the dive boats is really so much easier now. And, like all our guest, we highly appreciate the comfort it is offering. And we do not want to miss it.

Aerial Shot of the Floating Jetty at NAD Lembeh

Our Floating Dock makes easy to board the Dive Boats


The floating jetty is a real attraction – also for Marine Life

But our jetty not only made the daily dive procedures better – it increased the quality of our Housereef. The stainless ladder at the end of the dock offers a great entry and exit point for swimmers or divers. And the Jetty itself turned into a whole new habitat for marine life. Big schools of  small Makerels, Glassfish, Fuseliers and other fish are hanging around in the shallow housereef area near our floating jetty. With them, the occasional Jack and younger Baracudas came in as well. Young Batfishes of different species and double ended Pipefishes are to be seen at the surface. Right now we even have a resident Sargassum Frogfish that lives in algae  that forms on the ropes. Under the Jetty there are Cardinalfishes of various species – many of them mouthbreeding. Attractivly coloured, juvenile Angelfishes, Lionfishes, Blennies and Lobsters are hiding inbetween the floats of the jetty and blend in with the fantastic growth that already has formed.
So the floating jetty has already become a new attraction on our housereef and offers fantastic extended safety stops after exploring the wrecks and critters in the deeper areas. Make sure you spend some time at our Housereef during your next visit at NAD-Lembeh.