This week Guido from Italy was our Guest here at NAD Lembeh – and already when he stepped from the Boat he was quite familiar to Serge our Dive Manager. After some minutes they finally figured out, that they know each other from Maldives where Guido had complained, that the 60 minutes Dive time was not enough for Photographers. The Baseleader asked then Serge (who worked as Instructor on Maldives at that time) to take Guido on a housereef dive – and as Serge also has a weakness for long dives they ended beyond 2,5 hours divetime. That was in Winter 2005/2006. So now they met again after 6 Years: And of course they wanted to go for another Housereef Dive – here at NAD Lembeh. They found several Lembeh Seadragons, Bobtail Squid, other Squids, Various Nudibranchs, Baby Estuarine Stonefish, some cool Sponge Carrier Crabs, Skeleton Shrimps, strange Shrimps and many other things. Unfortunately they could not go for another record, as Serge’s torch stopped working after 90 minutes … still a very good Night Dive at NAD Lembeh Housereef.


mikeveitch · November 28, 2011 at 6:06 am

is Serge wearing a wetsuit from next door?

    nadlembehresort · November 28, 2011 at 11:15 am

    I use that same wetsuit model since 3 years …

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