Nad Lembeh Resort not only offers the best Muckdiving in the world and special trips to exposed coral & big fish dives around Lembeh. We also have a fantastic housereef right here in our bay. And on that housereef we have a new attraction: Banggai – one of our previous diveboats – is since some months our new private wreck. At just around 10 meters depth and easy to find from the shore it is already home to some pioneer critters – for example a pair of Lembeh Seadragons, that i discovered, while taking some Wide Angle Shots. Around the Wreck you will find the rotten remainders of another, older wreck, a old generator cover and some more objects – also a trail of old car tires, that will lead the housereef divers with weaker navigation skills straight to our new wreck and safely back to the room or lodge.