Lembeh Strait offers premier Muck Diving and is the place to find rare Critters like the Hairy Frogfish, Mimic Octopus and others. And of course diving right off our Beach has a lot to offer: Critters like Lembeh Sea Dragons, Bobtail Squid, Wonderpus and more – but also coral, cool algae patches, seagrass, 3 Wrecks and various metal structures to attract new critters and coral growth.
And the best thing: Diving on NAD Lembeh Housereef is very safe – a long boundary made from a flotilla of buoys protects our housereef from potential boat traffic shortcutting over our reef. So you can focus on your dive and don’t need to worry about boats – even in the shallows.
This boundary is an agreed “No Take Zone” for the surrounding villages, from where most of our employees are from. This makes it a perfect habitat for juveniles that will repopulate the surrounding reeefs.