Twin Spot Goby poops
We all love diving and we all like to lough – so of course it is always special to lough under water! And that’s exactely what happened on today’s housereef survey: On the way back from the deeper coral patches i passed our shipwrecks and photographed some Twin Spot Gobies (or Signal Goby, Crab Eye Goby). I stayed with them for a while and watched them jumping around in the sand, building wholes, nibble on each other when suddenly the smaller one started pooping!! My mask started filling up with water immediately when i saw that little brown sausage coming out of the little goby. He just did what everyone would do in such a embarrasing situation – he just kept on doing like if nothing happened ;)

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Cee · March 11, 2012 at 6:12 am

Like my grandfather says, there is more room out than in!

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