Among the various Frogfish to be seen in Lembeh Strait Randall’s Frogfish (Antennarius randalli) is without question one of the rarer seen species. Which does not suprise as it is a rather small species that stays well hidden and camouflaged: Randall’s Frogfish grows to about 5 cm in size and matches the colour of its habitat. Plus Randall’s Frogfish prefers to stay hidden in between rubble and rocks and comes only out occasionally. It can be found from shallow to very deep depth. Apart from his size it is also his shape that is distinctive for this small Frogfish. It has a very thin and flat body … almost like a Leaf Fish. Typical are also his movements: It moves his thin body right and left and possibly tries to mimic something moving with the surge – or it just wants to look funny. Who knows. Another good detail to identify the Randall’s Frogfish are the white spot markings behind the face, at the tail and above his pectoral fins.

The best places to see Randall’s Frogfish in Lembeh Strait: Basicly anywhere. Randall’s Frogfish can be seen in Muck Dives like Aer Bajo, Jahir or TK but also on reefy spots like Angel’s Window.

Tips for shooting Randall’s Frogfish: A longer Macro Lens like the 100mm/105mm is recommended. Not only for the size of the Frogfish but also because it makes a nicer Bokeh when trying to isolate it from its background. Because Bokeh is the only way to isolate it. You will very very rarely get the possibility to shoot a randalls on a nice background or with a black background.