To be able to offer our 2:1 Ratio (2 Guests with one Diveguide) at the quality level our guests are used to we not only had to find some new guides – we had to find some really good ones. So let us introduce the latest three additions to our Dive Team (from left to right): Jony, Tamrin and Joni. All three of them have a decade or more experience in the area and can’t wait to blow your mind and drain your camera batteries during your stay at NAD-Lembeh.

Our "new Boys" srom left to right: Jony, Tamrin, Joni

Our “new Boys” from left to right: Jony, Tamrin, Joni

Jony has been in Lembeh for about 10 years with another resort before coming to us and not only has very sharp eyes: He also seems to always know where which critter is. Plus he is very calm and gentle. He works with us now since about half a year and we couldn’t be more happy
Tamrin has a lot of working experience in Lembeh Strait but also spent years on Liveaboards in Indonesia and therefore speaks very good English and takes good care of his guests. Tamrin joined us this september and is already very well integrated in the team.
Joni is also a long timer and knows the Lembeh Strait like the back of his hand. Plus he is not completely new to NAD-Lembeh – he already has been with us for two years previously and just came back from his year diving different places in Indonesia – welcome back Joni … we missed you!