[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]We’ve put together a little video with helpful tips and tricks to make diving in Lembeh even more enjoyable and fun for everyone. Check out how to adjust your dive style and find examples of what to do and not to do. Especially when diving with a camera there’s a few things you should consider!
Credits go to “Critters@Lembeh” which created the first version of this video a while back and we just wanted to adjust it to our own style and add in some more things.
Diving with a pointer or stick has many advantages, it’s a great tool to help you balance underwater and at the same time not getting too close to the corals or reef. A pointer is also useful for scanning your landing zone since there can be venomous critters hiding in the sand. When leaving the are where you’ve been taking pictures, a pointer will also help you to push off the bottom without stirring up all the sand.
When diving in Lembeh or other mucky places, make sure you adjust your style of fin kicking. Most of the divers find it most beneficial to use the flutter kick rather than the normal fin kick. The flutter kick makes it easier to have your legs above your head and swim with the nose close to the bottom. Make sure you’re properly weighted in order to achieve neutral buoyancy so you never have to fight hitting the bottom.
Hoses, gauges, pointers etc. should always be streamlined and never left dangling since they can damage marine life and corals. Be mindful with the critters but also your fellow divers, if your dive guide tells you to back off it’s because we don’t want to harm the critter so that everyone can enjoy it for as long as possible. Take turns when taking pictures, take 5 shots, then move out of the way to check your settings and rotate with your dive buddy if you have to go back and shoot again.
By taking into consideration these simple tips and tricks, we can all have a great time underwater diving and photographing the weird and wonderful of the Lembeh Strait!
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