What makes a Lembeh Trip perfect? Hairy Frogfish? Mimic Octopus, Bluering or Wonderpus? Rhinopias? How about some awesome dives in clear blue water with good coral life and lots of fish? Not what you would expect from Lembeh – but exactely what you can get on one of our special trips to Bangka or our “secret spots” in the North, East or South of Lembeh. We speed out on one of our fast, well powered dive boats with cake, fruits and a full lunch to explore the colourful reefs of these outer dive spots.
These places are perfect for wide angle photography as there is good coral life of both hard and soft corals. There are very good chances of seeing schooling fish such as fusiliers, surgeons, butterfly fishes, triggers, bannerfish, soldier fishes, sweetlips and others. Bigger fishes like eagle rays, barracudas, thunas and reefsharks can also be seen on almost every trip – but mostly not close enough for good photos.
For those who didn’t bring their wide angle lenses, macro is also a very interesting alternative. You can shoot colourful reef fish portraits in the clear water column. There are for example different species of anthias, dotty backs and damsels to be found. But also many classic Macro subjects like Nudibranchs, Ghostpipefishes, Boxer Crabs, Tiger Shrimps or Frogfish.

Here is a little gallery of yesterdays trip to “the blue side” …