Makawide 1 is a Divesite located off a little Island close to the mainland shore of the Lembeh Strait and situated between Jahir and Nudi Retreat. The little island is connected to the mainland by a shallow reef saddle. The  side facing north of that reef saddle is Makawide 1. Makawide offers beautiful coral reefs in the shallows, little pinnacles in the deeper part, a sandy slope, deep rubble patches, mini walls and even some black sand patches with geothermal heat.

While schools of small Barrakudas and even Eagle Rays and Turtles can be seen at times here the main reasons to visit Makawide are usually much smaller: Pygmy seahorses like Hippocampus bargibanti and Hippocampus denise can be found her as well as frequent sightings of Coleman Shrimps, Harlequin Shrimps and Candy Crabs. Ghostpipefishes of all variations, Flamboyant Cuttlefish and the occasional Hairy Octopus make it a very attractive divesite. 

The other side of the Makawide reef saddle is the Makawide 2 divesite which makes a very good alternative: one of the two is always protected from current.