Tanjung Kubur is situated on the island side of the Lembeh Strait and is the southern side of a little Cape coming out north of the Kareeko Village. It shares that headland with Tanjung Tebal (out on the tip of the headland) and Aer Bajo 1 (on the opposite side). Tanjung means Cape or Corner and Kubur stands for Cemetary – the cemetary of Kareeko village is build  on this Headland.
Tanjung Kubur is a mixed divesite offering a Coral Reeftop at 3-5 meters, then a steep Hardcoral Rubble slope with lots of Halimeda Algae down to about 15 meters and then a sandy slope going deeper. These three levels offer various chances for special critters: The coral top offers great shallow diving towards the end of the dive and is a good place to look for Pontohi Pygmy Seahorses or Harlequin Shrimps. The coral slope is generally good for Nudibranchs and offers a good chance to see Solar Powered Nudibranchs, Halimeda Ghostpipefish and Warty Frogfish. The deeper sandy slope is a light coloured sand muck dive and generally features Thorny Seahorse, Common Seahorse, Blue Ringed Octopus, Ghostpipefish (Ornate and Robust) and sometimes Wonderpus, Hairy Octopus and Algae Octopus. Weedy Rhinopias have also been seen here before.

Beeing on the backside of a headland, Tanjung Kubur can offer good protection from both waves and currents. It is generally dived best with a Macro lens – when many bigger critters like wonderpus, solar nudi, frogfish and seahorses are around a shorter lens makes more sense – if you are chasing Pontohi Pygmies you’d rather want something longer and a diopter.