The TK 1 is one of three Divesites on the northern Mainland Side of the Lembeh Strait. TK stands for Teluk Kembahu– Teluk is indonesian for “bay” and Kembahu is the name of the fishing village situated in this bay. The bay has a extremely black sandy beach and offers very attractive and productive muckdiving. TK1 cosists basicly of two parts: The black sand which start from the shallows and slopes down to about 25 meters. And then there is also a coral rubble patch in between 16 and 22 meters with big cabbage-like sponges which are the preferred home of Giant and Painted Frogfishes. In and around this patch also Ribbon Eels and big Mantis Shrims can be found that feed on the Glassfish and Cardinalfish in that area. The Black sand area has various patches with orange sponges which often are inhabited by Thorny Seahorses and smaller orange Painted Frogfishes. Some brown-green sponges in the shallows are always a good place to look for Tiger Shrimps. Other usual suspects on TK1 are: Ornate Ghostpipefishes, Scorpionfishes, Waspfishes, Nudibranchs, juvenile Bamboo Sharks, Mimic Octopus and many more.

TK1 is protected from Waves and swell and therefore is a very good dive throughout the year and there is also not much current. But TK1 should preferrably be done as the first dive or not after a short surface intervall as the deeper rubble-sponge patch is the most interesting part. TK1 is also a fantastic Nightdive. Lens can be anything from Super Macro to Super Wide.