It’s the second of November, the dive boats are out, some lovely guests just left for their plane and the resort is empty – a good moment to recapture the last month when a lot of things happened here at NAD Lembeh: We had a lot of nice guests from Holland, Germany, Taiwan, Singapore, Belgium, France, Malaysia, Spain, Sweden, Norway, Poland, Amerika, New Zealand, South Africa and Austria … thank’s guys – we had a great time & fantastic dives with you!
Besides lot’s of special Critters like Hairy Octopus, a possibly new discovered species of shrimp (article with follow), special frogfishes and all  other Lembeh Critters we also had a Mola Mola sighting at Angles Window, Sharks and Eagle Rays at East Lembeh and Batu Kapal plus very good diving on our new housereef wrecks. So divingwise it was a very good month.
Also we have now a very complete and experienced dive team with 8 Dive Guides (plus trainees), a new Dive Manager (me, Serge), bigger 100cf tanks, some DIN tanks and a new Dive Boat with new 4 Stroke Engienes.
Other additions and innovations are two brand new Seaview Bungalows, a new Roof and verandas on the Beachfront Rooms, a rain collection System which we will finish this month, a breakfast egg station in the restaurant plus some very talented new restaurant staff.
So all in all we are very happy with October and hope that November will be just as good … come here and check it out!