There are many dive destinations in the world. And all have their typical or unique characteristics … drifts, sharks, whales, blue water, pristine reefs, ice, green water, wrecks.
But no matter where you dive; most divers agree that one of the main things they like in diving is that it is quiet under water. And we feel the same way. There is nothing more distracting than photographing a subject while hearing someone else rattling and dangling like a mad man. First you can’t focus on what you are doing, second  you will always think that you are missing something. This is why we asked our guides to stop using shakers and tank bangers underwater. Our guides will either pick you up personally or make a short “hmmm”-Sound to get your attention. This is a nice luxury that we can offer you due to our 2:1 ratio of Guests to Dive Guide … with only two guests in a group your guide will always be close enough to get your attention without alarming everybody else on the whole dive site. For important critters our guides will always inform the other groups and get them over – just using fins, not noise. No “bang bang”, no “clack clack clack” just critters, critters and more critters.