The second Lembeh Shootout at NAD Lembeh has finished and the winners are announced! The contestants were competing in two categories: Single Image and Themed Portfolio of four Images. Like last year, we had very strong entries and in the end it was a mix of uniqueness of the subject, the amount of editing applied and the creativity of lighting and composition that decided.
During the judging, the jury (Alex Tattersall, Kayburn Lim and Serge Abourjeily) also investigated for possible manipulation. We want to emphasize, that the winning shot of the two Tiger Shrimps on the Scorpionfish was NOT manipulated. A chat with the buddies, the dive guides and a details check of the picture sequence prove, that the shrimps have not been moved into position. It was indeed a lucky shot for Dong Hyun Kim and a great find by our Guide Joni.

Congratulations to all winners!

Here are the winning Images for the single Entries:

And here are the honorable mentions:

And here are the winning themed portfolios: