NAD  can now boast to have one of the best Photo Setups in Indonesia. In May I went to the Nauticam HQ in Hong Kong and the factory floor in China to pick up a new housing.  Whilst there I did a servicing course for several of their current models:

  • Sony NEX7
  • Canon 5Dmk3
  • Nikon D800
  • Nikon D7100

The housings were stripped and rebuilt with the help and tuition of the friendly assembly guys in the factory – this now gives us the confidence to help fix some of the problems that happen to housings on your travels.  All the current generations of housings are designed with the same principles , so working on different models will be no problem.  I also picked up a box of spare parts, so we can fix any clicking control gears.

Nauticam Rossa with Vacuum sealing system

Nauticam Rossa with Vacuum sealing system, it’s pretty long.

Simon also got to look around the production facility, and unfortunately couldn’t take any pictures but the place is super impressive.  The value of the machinery and the spec of it is fantastically over-engineered for making underwater housings.  With almost all parts being made on site they have excellent quality control. I have absolute faith in their ability to make top notch housings for years to come.

I had a few sarcastic remarks from friends about the factory being a sweatshop, it is far from the case, the workers were diligent and hard working but they seemed to be having fun and not stressed out with over work, which was also good to see.

Now, onto the exciting stuff.  I picked up a Nauticam Rossa Housing, which has their new vacuum sealing system in it – and some other bits and pieces.  So we now have 6 different housing setups available for rent, depending on your budget and experience levels. More to come on this later.  I have put a few pictures of the vacuum system here as there don’t seem to be any pictures of it elsewhere. The picture below shows where you connect your low pressure inflator hose to pump the housing using the venturi effect.  Super cool!

Nauticam Rossa with Vacuum sealing system

Nauticam Rossa with Vacuum sealing system